Inherrit to follow CMA lead in Tackling Unregulated Will-Writing and Legal Services

In today’s digital age, consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to legal services, including will-writing, estate planning, and probate-related services. While the rise of alternative providers has brought convenience and cost-effectiveness to many, it has also raised concerns about potential risks and breaches of consumer protection laws. In response to growing complaints, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK has launched a new investigation to safeguard consumers from unregulated will-writing, online divorce, and pre-paid probate services. This article explores the CMA’s concerns and highlights the role of the app ‘Inherrit,’ designed to help individuals plan their estates and inheritances responsibly.

Understanding the CMA’s Investigation

The CMA is committed to ensuring that consumers are protected from deceptive practices and unfair treatment. Through its initial research, the authority identified three areas of concern regarding unregulated legal services:

  1. Will-Writing: While anyone can legally write a will, concerns have arisen regarding misleading advertising, hidden costs, and reports of pressure selling, particularly affecting vulnerable customers. To address this, the CMA is exploring how consumer protection laws can be better enforced in the context of will-writing services.
  2. Pre-paid Probate Plans: A relatively new development, pre-paid probate plans are intended to cover probate costs upfront, but some providers have been accused of using pressure selling techniques on vulnerable individuals. The lack of transparency about covered costs and potential delays in the probate process are also key concerns.
  3. Online Divorce Services: The popularity of ‘quickie’ divorce services has surged, but customers have reported misleading claims about process simplicity and prices. Some firms have exhibited inadequate service quality, leading to incorrect filings and delays in court proceedings.

Collaborating for Consumer Protection: Inherrit’s Role

Inherrit, a comprehensive estate planning app, recognises the importance of protecting consumers during life-changing events like divorce, will-writing, and probate. By partnering with regulated, trusted, and verified companies and experts, Inherrit aims to provide users with confidence in their legal service choices.

  1. Secure and Transparent Will-Writing: Inherrit’s platform ensures that users are connected with licensed and regulated legal professionals for their will-writing needs. Through transparent pricing and clear communication, users can avoid the pitfalls of misleading advertising and hidden fees.
  2. Responsible Pre-Paid Probate Plans: The Inherrit app educates users about pre-paid probate plans, ensuring they understand what costs are covered and what protections are in place. By working only with reputable companies, Inherrit minimises the risk of unnecessary plans and inadequate coverage.
  3. Streamlined Online Divorce: Inherrit offers access to reputable online divorce services that adhere to legal standards, simplifying the process while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

Empowering Consumers: A Shared Mission

Sarah Cardell, Chief Executive of the CMA, emphasises the significance of their investigation, stating that these services are essential to people, often during the most challenging times in their lives. The CMA and Inherrit share the mission of empowering consumers to make informed decisions and access quality legal services.

The CMA’s new investigation is a crucial step towards protecting consumers from unregulated legal services. As the demand for alternative providers grows, it becomes more important than ever to ensure that consumer protection laws are complied with and enforced. Inherrit’s collaboration with regulated, trusted, and verified companies and experts ensures that users have access to reliable and transparent estate planning services.

Inherrit and the CMA strive to provide consumerswith confidence in their legal service choices, enabling them to navigate life-changing events with peace of mind. As the investigation progresses, consumer advocates, professional bodies, trade associations, and individuals with relevant experiences are encouraged to participate by sharing their responses with the CMA.

Let Inherrit be your guide to responsible estate planning, safeguarding your future and that of your loved ones. Together, we can build a safer and more informed legal service landscape for all.

You can read more about CMA’s investigation at CMA investigates will-writing and other legal services – GOV.UK (

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